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TEC-Leather seat covers

Lantal’s TEC-Leather is an ingenious alternative to artificial leather, reconstructed leather, and genuine leather. The innovative material not only offers advantages in seat maintenance but also stands out as regards passenger well-being.

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Key facts at a glance

Lantal has developed a material with noble, leather-like looks that offers numerous advantages versus conventional leather and artificial leather products: TEC-Leather. The material’s unique cleanability is particularly noteworthy. The surface of TEC-Leather is highly dirt-repellant, which reduces the cleaning effort. Ball-point pen marks and stain residues can be simply whisked away with just a moist cloth. TEC-Leather causes no skin irritation, features good thermal properties and is resistant to fungal growth. Additionally, the suppleness of the soft surface delivers enhanced comfort for the passenger. The high elasticity of the material simplifies the fitting process, even for complex seat shapes. For this reason, the seat cover retains its as-new look for an extended period of time without sagging. The innovative Lantal product is lightweight and requires no additional fireblocker, which results in cost savings.

9727 - Structured surface

9730 - Smooth surface

TEC-Leather's cleanability

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