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Polyester seat covers

Our Polyester standard and Polyester chenille qualities stand out with flexibility and longevity. You can choose from a large selection of predefined patterns or let us produce you custom design.

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Key facts at a glance

Polyester is a man-made fiber with convincing characteristics: The tear- and wear-resistant fiber enhances the dimensional stability and extends the service life of the seat cover. Due to the composition of the fiber, the seat cover can be washed without restrictions. Lantal's polyester seat covers comply with all airworthiness requirements and are flame-retardant.

Polyester standard

Dimensional stability, wear-resistance, and a long service life are among the assets of Polyester standard seat covers. They can be washed without hesitation.

Polyester executive

The elegant matt/gloss effect of Lantal's Polyester executive seat covers is due to the refined integration of a glossy yarn in the weave. The long service life of these polyester seat covers is due to their wear resistance and high dimensional stability. 

Polyester chenille

Polyester chenille seat covers are velvety to the touch. The special fiber makes unusual 3D effects possible. Lantal's product line includes a broad selection of predefined colors and designs, but we would be delighted to develop custom fabrics for you. This quality is flame-retardant and highly wear-resistant. The seat cover is washable, which extends its service life.