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Pre-cut carpets

Lantal carpets can be cut to your specifications to reduce the overall laying effort and considerably simplify the installation process.

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Customized pre-cut carpets play an important role in Lantal's portfolio of ready-to-install textiles. The accurately pre-cut carpet elements can be laid quickly and effortlessly. Because the carpet is cut precisely to the specified shapes, you do not have to deal with carpet waste and disposal problems. Lantal's pre-cut carpets can also be serged, either with a color-matched or with a contrasting yarn.

Lantal's pre-cut carpets are permanently flame-retardant according to FAR/CS 25.853 and fulfill the smoke and toxicity guidelines issued by Airbus and Boeing. On request, pre-cut carpets can be delivered with an EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Lantal will also gladly support you at the certification level (minor change) when you switch carpets.