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Laser-cut designs

Lantal's laser-cut options give you extra flexibility for customized designs.

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Curtains crafted with laser technology are prominent eye-catchers in Business and First Class cabins. Patterns, colors, and different degrees of transparency can be chosen to create signature designs.

The sizes and shapes of lasered areas are freely selectable, and the combinations of colors, textures, and patterns are infinitely variable. Laser-cut curtains are pleated to achieve perfection in shape.

Lantal's laser-cut curtains are permanently flame-retardant according to FAR/CS 25.853 and fulfill the smoke and toxicity guidelines issued by Airbus and Boeing. On request, laser-cut curtains can be delivered with an EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Lantal will also gladly support you at the project management and certification levels when you switch curtains.