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Parts – customized and ready to fly

Pleated curtains are used not only as class partitions. They also serve as attractive cabin outfitting elements. 

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A single point of contact, lower costs, and reduced complexity: these are your advantages when working together with Lantal. We accompany the entire process from development, engineering and certification to on-time delivery.

Thanks to the Design Organization (DOA, EASA Part 21 J) status of Lantal’s subsidiary Airline Services Interiors (EASA.21J.129), Lantal can implement Minor Change projects in that a DO/PO Agreement exists between the subsidiary and Lantal. As s Design Organizations, ASI is authorized to develop and approve design data pursuant to EASA.

As a production organization (POA, EASA Part 21 G), Lantal is authorized to manufacture parts according to EASA-approved design data and to ship them with an EASA Form 1. These and many other services make the Lantal Group the ideal partner for your future cabin equipment projects.

All parts in an overview

Lantal's ready-to-hang curtains are available in the following versions.